• 姓名:T[尹美莱]
  • 性别: 女
  • 别名: 暂无
  • 国籍: 韩国
  • 语言: 韩语
  • 出生地: 韩国
  • 生日: 1981-05-31
  • 风格: 46kg
  • 人气:
  • 更新时间:2016-09-15

T (yunmirae)
Activity Type: Domestic / Female / Solo
The date:
Country of Origin: United States
Genre: Is> Ballard, is> R & B / Hip-Hop
Similar Artist: Annie, Kim Jo Han, UPTOWN, Jung, tasyani, As One
Name: yunmirae (T)
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 31, 1981
Country: South Korea
Member of: Uptown (Kim Sang - Wook, Kim Young Jin, Lee, Hyun - Soo), tasyani (yisuah)
Debut Date: 1997
Debut motive: 4-member hip-hop group [Uptown]
Body: Height: 163cm, Weight: 46kg
Blood type: AB type
School: Seoul American School graduation
Personality: outgoing and shy
Nickname: Dracula
Hobbies: Singing, Talking
Skills: Black changbeop speak
Favorite Food: Italian Food
Favorite musicians: Da Brat, Eryka Badu, Roots, Bahamadia
T (Tasha) 在 1997 年 以 4 人 Hip-hop 组合 'Uptown' 出道,也曾经是二人组合Tashannie的一员,在美国念书的经历让她接触了Hip-Hop文化,并对美国黑人的Hip-Hop音乐有很深的了解,现在已成为韩国歌谣界屈指可数的女MC之一。

Has been recognized as a talented musician in a hard female rapper to succeed while crossing between R & B and hip-hop scene in Korea Is A gorgeous hall clerk solo album from a member of the hip-hop group with T (T) is.